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House with Pool


Founded in Southern California in 2011, CALIWORLD is a team of real estate brokers, architectural designers and contractors that strives to improve people’s life through places.

We build spaces scientifically designed for living harmoniously with nature. We use the ancient principles of architecture and modern technologies to create real estate properties of next era.

Our approach is an art that considers space, elements, energy, direction, environment, shape, size and position.

We do this by embracing love, knowledge and diversity of the cities we live in.

You decision to partner with us will change human experience, inspire people and help them connect to themselves and one another. We are on the path to co-creating together with the consciousness of our planet.



Talk to us about your investment goals and we will deliver a complete plan with the budget, location and step by step implementation project.

We supervise and report to you every step of the project, from the location scouting to final delivery of properties. 

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